Launch of the Klemantaski Collection (KlemColl) Blog site!

KlemColl = The Klemantaski CollectionThis is the first KlemColl post, to let you know we are here, and will be blogging soon!

Who are we?

The Klemantaski Collection is one of the world’s largest and most varied libraries of historic motorsports and motor racing photography. The Collection supplies its images to photograph and car collectors and enthusiasts, racing car restorers, authors and publishers worldwide. The Collection also offers a selection of limited edition publications which include many of its most famous images.

Click here for our web Gallery to see a great selection of our images, with a helpful search engine. Save your favorite images to review again later. You also may order prints of your favorite images direct from The Gallery.

If you are looking for photos of a specific car, driver or race course, send us an email at with the details. We will then provide you with low resolution scans of any images we may have.

For a list of races and other events which we cover, you may obtain a copy of a new revised version of our Venue List which you will find in our Downloads area. The Downloads area of our website also contains our Race Program list – we will send copies to you of these programs – and full descriptions of how we produce our prints and our print pricing.

Copyright Notice: All text, data, images and documents on this website are ©2012, The Klemantaski Collection.


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