Klemantaski & Snowdon: F1’s Leading Photographers

Ferrari with Klemantaski and Snowdon

Louis Klemantaski & Nigel Snowdon

In many of our posts you will see photographs by Louis Klemantaski or Nigel Snowdon, two of the all-time great Formula 1 photographers. And here they are together, Klemantaski on the left, sitting on the rear wheels of Tony Merrick’s Ferrari 246F1 Dino Grand Prix car at Silverstone in July 1999.

Louis Klemantaski starting taking photographs as a professional at England’s Brooklands and Donington race circuits in the mid-1930s and continued that activity at the Grand Prix circuits of Europe into the late 1960s. “Klem” as he was once known, created a number of books of his photography, starting with “Klemantaski’s Photo-Album” in 1947 and continuing through the famous “Klemantaski & Ferrari” in 1999 and his autobiography “Klemantaski Himself,” written with the late motor racing author Chris Nixon. Many people consider Louis Klemantaski to have been the greatest motor racing photographer of all time. Louis Klemantaski passed away at the age of 89 in June 2001.

Nigel Snowdon, from Australia, began his racing photographic career “down under” before emigrating to England in the 1960s to better follow the Formula 1 “circus,” working initially for David Phipps before going out on his own.  Nigel’s photography, both Australian and European, was first introduced to enthusiasts in “The Ultimate Excitement” in 1967. His Formula 1 photography covered some 40 years and was immortalized in his book “Formula 1 Through the Lens” which was published in 1998. His images have appeared in numerous motor racing magazines and books. Nigel and his wife Diana Burnett (also a well-known Formula 1 photographer) now live in quiet retirement back in Australia.

Photo by Diana Burnett © The Klemantaski Collection


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