KLEMANTASKI – Master Motorsports Photographer



What you see above is the cover of our Special Limited Edition of 100 copies of this exciting new book which will become available in December. It is a new and exhaustive review of famed photographer Louis Klemantaski’s motor racing images. There are some old favorites of course, but most of these photographs have not been published before. This Special Limited Edition comes with a special dust jacket and is in a custom red slipcase embossed with the title.

The author of this new Klemantaski book is Paul Parker, a highly respected English motor racing historian and the author of the widely-acclaimed Racing In Camera series of books. Each copy of the Special Limited Edition includes a special page with author Paul Parker’s signature and the individual number of each book.

Today we are commencing a pre-publication sale of the Special Limited Edition which will cost $125, plus shipping. We believe that this edition of only 100 copies will be sold out very quickly. We advise you to reserve a copy today.

If you would like to see more of the book, learn more about it, and have access to the pre-publication order form, please download our complete descriptive file from this link:


The order form includes a space where you may request a specific numbered copy, subject to prior sale. All orders will be confirmed by email or by fax for those without email.

Thank you for your support of The Klemantaski Collection.

Cover photo by Louis Klemantaski ©The Klemantaski Collection




  1. JACK R BREWER · · Reply

    Hello, again.

    I think I got the scanner to work. Please check your inbox and let me know. I forgot to ask for a book number. 1 or 100 would be great if still available. If not, #7 or #14.

    Thanks again.

    Jack Brewer


    1. You will have #7.



  2. Carol Thompson · · Reply


    I tried to fill in order form

    But did not accept anything…?


    Jim sitz


  3. boris friedman · · Reply

    I try to connect to get the order form but error…
    How could I do to order one copy of the limited edition?
    Many thanks in advance


    1. Thank you for your interest. The reason for the error message was that we took the order form down because the special edition is completely sold out. There will be a standard edition available from the usual sources, including Amazon, sometime this month.



  4. JA Gauerke · · Reply

    Simply put, a fantastic book and I am thoroughly enjoying my copy 23/100. A must have for the serious motorsport enthusiast.


  5. I’m just reading the book. Aside the magnificent photographs we were waiting for one has to mention the fabulous captions by Paul Parker. What a great amount of work it must have been to put such precise detail in the explanation of the pictures. This really is a great addition to any book collection.


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