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Jaguar, Goodwood, Duncan Hamilton

Here is the irrepressible Duncan Hamilton right on the limit with his Jaguar D-Type (XKD601) in Woodcote Corner following the long back straight at the Goodwood circuit on April 22,1957 during the Sussex Trophy race for sports cars over 1500 cc. By 1957 the D-Types were getting just a bit long in the tooth for sprint racing and Hamilton could only finish fourth in this 21-lap event. The race was won by Archie Scott-Brown in a Lister-Jaguar, setting a new sports car lap record, with the works Aston Martins of Roy Salvadori and Tony Brooks second and third.

Duncan Hamilton was a talented sports car driver and a true bon vivant.  After Wold War II Hamilton focused on motor racing with a vengeance. He drove Grand Prix cars on occasion, though his mounts were usually past their sell-by date. But he had excellent results in sports cars, racing at Le Mans nine times and winning the 24 Hours with Tony Rolt in a Jaguar C-Type in 1953 then finishing second there with a D-Type in 1954. His fabulous book about his motor racing career, Touch Wood, is a true classic.

Hamilton’s son, Adrian, has been a mainstay of the classic car market for many years and his grandson Archie is following in his grandfather’s footsteps in sports car and GT racing, albeit more properly!

Photo by Louis Klemantaski ©The Klemantaski Collection –



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    I look forward to these every Friday.

    Small typo alert: “Salvadori”

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    Fixed. Thanks!


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