And the winners are…

Targa Florio, Porsche, Jo Bonnier, Edgar Barth, von Hanstein

After the 1960 Targa Florio Joakim Bonnier sits in his winning Porsche as Edgar Barth (in dark glasses) and Huschke von Hanstein (with camera) watch with amusement. Bonnier and Hans Hermann drove the winning Porsche RS60 while Barth, the 1959 Targa winner, co-drove another RS60 with Graham Hill to finish fifth. Von Hanstein was a non-finisher in 1960 with a 356 Carrera, having won the GT category with a similar car the year before. He was also the Porsche team manager.

In 1959 Bonnier and Wolfgang von Trips, driving a Porsche RSK, had the Targa in their pocket only to have their transaxle fail on the last lap. That had left their Porsche teammates Barth and Wolfgang Seidel as the winners. So 1960 was a nice turn-around victory for Bonnier.

Jo Bonnier, a Swede, had a long and colorful career with both sports and grand prix cars. Rarely the fastest driver, Bonnier was always capable to doing well, especially in long distance events. He began racing in the early 1950s and continued for some 20 years. He was killed at Le Mans in 1972 when his very fast Lola collided with a Ferrari Daytona driven by an amateur Swiss driver and went over the guardrails into the trees. Edgar Barth came from East Germany and was a successful F2 and sports car driver with also some F1 drives. He passed away from cancer in 1965. His son Jürgen Barth, a Le Mans winner himself, remains associated with Porsche.

Photo by Robert Daley ©The Klemantaski Collection –



  1. Jim Sitz · · Reply

    This wonderful win by Bonnier

    In spite of their friendship—Phil
    Hill never considered Jo a real driver
    (they speant tome on Beach on Adriatic
    With fellow driver Mac Fraser.)

    Phil felt Bonnier, the Alfa importer for
    Sweden, would not stick with racing
    And drop out. Wish I had asked Hill his
    Response when he won Dutch GP in
    Front engined BRM, then the Targa,?


  2. Jo and sports car racing go way back. Coming over from F1 in Europe, he drove a stint in my father’s Ferrari 410 Sport at Riverside in October 1958. A warm, genial guy, Jo knew how to live and spoke a handful of languages. He used to hang with Ulf Norinder and Ruth Levy, when Ulf and Ruth were an item in that late-1950s racing ethos. Grand and engaging times, those, and so sad to lose Jo at Le Mans. And sad to say goodbye to so many others in that exhilarating but cruel era.


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