Modena Aerautodromo

Ferrari, Modena Aerautodromo, Chris Amon

For many years race car testing around Modena took place primarily at the local general aviation airport on a rectangular circuit of access roads. Sometimes races were also held on the Aerautodromo, such as the Modena Grand Prix for F2 cars in the 1960s.

Here the lead car is a 330P3/4 CanAm spyder, sometimes called a 330 CanAm. It was based on a Scuderia Ferrari 330P3 berlinetta from 1966 which was updated to a 412P berlinetta for the 1967 season and sold to Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team. At the end of the 1967 season, this 412P was again converted for the CanAm series in the United States as a spyder and seen here on September 1, 1967 before being sent back to the US for the fall CanAm races. The 330 CanAm used carburetors, not the fuel injection of the later 330P4, as can be clearly seen here. Later an articulated air scoop was fitted to better supply air to the carburetors. It appeared in the 1967 Bridgehampton and Mosport CanAm races driven by Ludovico Scarfiotti.

Scuderia Ferrari F1 driver Chris Amon is standing by the right rear wheel with Ferrari’s technical chief Mauro Forghieri next to him, as tests of the revised CanAm car take place. The 330 CanAm was neither sufficiently developed nor powerful enough to be able to be successful in the highly competitive CanAm series which was dominated by the two McLaren M6A-Chevrolets of Bruce McLaren and 1967 F1 World Champion Denny Hulme.

Subsequently, this 330 CanAm spent many years in a private garage in Florida before being sold and again rebodied as a 412P berlinetta.

Photo by Peter Coltrin ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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