The Charger

Roger McClusky, Eagle-Ford, Mosport

In the 1960s USAC began to organize races on various road courses, such as Mosport and Watkins Glen. In 1968 there were USAC road course races for Indy cars at Mosport, Continental Divide Raceway, Indianapolis Raceway Park, Circuit Mont Tremblant and Riverside Raceway. Here is Roger McCluskey with an Eagle-Ford entered by Lindsey Hopkins on his way to a third place finish behind Dan Gurney’s Eagle and Mario Andretti’s Hawk in the Telegraph 200 at Mosport Park on June 15th. The Ford is the famous Ford four-cam V8 Indy motor which was the Indy Car standard power unit of the time.

Roger McCluskey was an experienced USAC journeyman driver whose career spanned some 23 years, not only with Indy Cars, but also in Sprint Cars, Stock Cars, FIA Sports Cars and even a Midget or two. McCluskey began his career with a CRA Sprint Car, a race that he won, on the Manzanita Speedway dirt oval near Phoenix, Arizona in 1956 and his first appearance in a USAC Indy Car was at the California State Fairgrounds the same year. McCluskey’s first of his 18 entries in the Indianapolis 500 came in 1961. Most of McCluskey’s wins came in the tough and unforgiving world of Sprint Cars, although with his prime Indy Car owner Lindsey Hopkins from the late 1960s well into the 1970s there were a number of successes there as well.

Roger McCluskey passed away in 1993 from cancer at the age of 63.

Photo by Vicente Alvarez ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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One comment

  1. Always did appreciate USAC series of events having both traditional oval circuits
    and road racing courses as well,, Testing ability of driver and his being versatile.
    In the motorcycle world of racing we had AMA of riders on circuits like Riverside
    and Laguna Seca and those County Fairground Dirt Tracks. Maybe Grand Prix
    racing could have something of this nature.?

    Jim Sitz


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