Stirling and a C-Type

Stirling Moss, Jaguar

A lovely day at Silverstone with plenty of sunshine for Stirling Moss and the Production Sports Car race of May 10, 1952 which was one of several support races for the main event, the International Daily Express Trophy Race which was held in two heats and a final. Quite a full day of racing with the other support races being an F3 Race, a Touring Car Race and a Celebrity Race for selected Grand Prix drivers in Jaguar XK120s.

Stirling Moss easily won this race in the works Jaguar C-Type in a field with competition from both C-Types and Aston Martin DB3s. Not to limit himself to the Jaguar, Moss also drove his Kieft-Norton in the opening wet weather F3 Race and was leading when a brake cable malfunctioned and dropped him to third. Another win on the day came in the Touring Car Race where Moss drove a Jaguar Mk. VII to the front from the Le Mans type start. Still not satisfied, Moss then took a works XK120 for the 5-lap celebrity Race of Champions which he also won. Unfortunately, the multi-talented Moss did not have a ride for the feature event. For 1952 Moss had signed to drive the new Bristol-engined ERA G-Type, what he still refers to as a significant mistake. The ERA was not ready for the Trophy Race, although it had been entered. It was the first of several disappointments during the year with the under-powered ERA.

This type of day was how Stirling Moss said he kept in good physical condition: exercising by racing. In those years he might contest as many as 80 races each year in all manner of sports, touring and single seater cars. And he did some championship rallying as well!

Photo by T. C. (“Tom”) March ©The klemantaski Collection –

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  1. Jim sitz · · Reply

    What could be more British then Stirling Moss winning at Silverstun’
    in a Jaguar.?

    I would have to wait six months to see the C type in action, this time
    Phil Hill winning at our local course of Torrey Pines, California. with
    another example in 2nd spot.

    Now we have the new F type roadster in our drive–Purrfect!

    Jim Sitz
    G.P. Oregon


  2. I concur with your opening statement, Mr. Sitz. But for me, although an avid Black & White aficionado, this color is spell binding. There is something special about period race cars shot in color. You can’t get a digital image to look like this. Plus, the depth of field is “Purrfect”.

    Historically your Allen R Kuhn


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