Oulton Park

This lovely color Tom March image catches Ninian Sanderson in an Ecurie Ecosse Jaguar C-Type during the British Empire Trophy race held at Oulton Park on April 2, 1955. The C-Type Sanderson is driving was perhaps the most important of all its brethren. In June 1953 as a factory entry it had been driven to victory by Duncan Hamilton and Tony Rolt in the Le Mans 24 Hours. Here at Oulton Park, now almost two years later, it was no longer really competitive, starting sixth and finishing 16th.

In 1954, having recently been acquired by Ecurie Ecosse, Sanderson had finished fifth overall at the same race with the same car. That was the first of some 16 appearances for C-Type XKC 051 during 1954. After its appearance at the British Empire Trophy in April 1955 and a subsequent outing at Goodwood, the well-used C-Type went into private ownership although it still appeared in races into 1956 before being sold to a new owner in the USA.

Sanderson, who ran a car dealership in Glasgow, began his racing career in the 500 cc F3 races which were a the starting ground for many British drivers in the 1950s. He had considerable success as a sports car driver, primarily with the Scottish team Ecurie Ecosse, and won the Le Mans 24 Hours in a Jaguar D-Type in 1956, following that with a second place finish at Le Mans with a D-Type the next year. Sanderson continued to have a very active sports car career well into the early 1960s. He died in 1985.

Later on, Jaguar XKC 051 spent many years in the Briggs Cunningham Museum in California before being acquired by the Adrian Hamilton, the son of Duncan Hamilton its Le Mans driver in 1953. It has recently become the subject of a book which covers its history in detail.

Photo by Tom March ©The klemantaski Collection – http://www.klemcoll.com

To see more photos from our archive go to: http://www.klemcoll.com/TheGallery.aspx






  1. Wonderful article on the C-Type. Beautiful color shot. I love B & W for these historic shots, but color does tell more of the story. An aside with another C-Type story is that RM Auctions Sotheby’s New York is offering the one that Phil Hill drove to first win ever for a C-type in the United States. It was later raced extensively in Southern California by Carlyle Blackwell, noted Hollywood photographer.


  2. Beautiful car in lovely setting–takes me back to Dec 1952
    watching Phil Hill win at Torrey Pines in C type Jaguar..
    one of my all time favorites.!
    Hill later told me of driving the same car from Watkins Glen
    to California with our friend Jerry Chesebrough of Road & Track.

    But had to wait til 1970 to visit Oulton Park and vintage
    pre-war cars- inc ERA, Alfa P-3 and Bugatti Type 59 cars
    in action.

    Jim sitz


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