And the Winners Are…

Dan Gurney, Stirling Moss,Maserati, Camoradi, Klemcoll, Nurburgring

On the podium at the Nürburgring on May 22, 1960 are two happy fellows: Dan Gurney and Stirling Moss. They have just won the ADAC 1000 Km. race run on the famous Nordschliefe in a 2.9 liter Maserati T61 entered by Lloyd “Lucky” Casner’s Camoradi USA Racing Team. Camoradi also had a second T61 for this race which was turned over to Masten Gregory and Gino Munaron, but they were not in the same league as Moss and Gurney. Casner’s nickname may have referred to his daring as an aircraft pilot or perhaps it was his ability to arrange some factory support and sponsorship and  have his cars do well in races without having access to much in the way of money.

Maserati, Klemcoll, Stirling MossThis Nürburgring race was one of the toughest ADAC 1000 Km. races ever held with truly adverse weather conditions, including rain, mist and fog which sometimes reduced visibility on the dark and twisting circuit to 150 yards. Moss and Gurney were well placed at the start, having set the second fastest practice time behind the Porsche RS60 driven by Olivier Gendebien and Joakim Bonnier. Moss, always quick across the track for a Le Mans type start, got into the lead straight away and built up a good cushion for Gurney. Here is Moss seen taking the Adenau Bridge corner with some of the typical huge Nürburgring crowd watching from the hillside. The first round of pit stops saw a major fire when the Ferrari mechanics spilled fuel over the little Dino 246 Sport of Giorgio Scarlatti when he came in to hand the car over to Ludovico Scarfiotti. The Dino was completely burnt out, but things being what they are it was resurrected and not junked so as to live again.

The Moss/Gurney Maserati was getting a lot of oil coming back into the driver’s area due to very high oil pressure which damaged an oil pipe and led to a pit stop for repairs during which the Phil Hill/Wolfgang von Dan Gurney, Maserati, Camoradi, KlemcollTrips Ferrari 250TRI/60 came by in the lead, followed by the Bonnier/Gendebien Porsche now in second place. Gurney returned to the race, setting times similar to those of Moss as the fog increased in density. Gurney soon caught the Porsche and then the Ferrari as did the Porsche. Here is Gurney on the left, probably on the run from ex-Mühle up toward Berkwerk. Finally, Moss took over again and brought the victory to the Camoradi team, his third straight win in this race, the prior two having been with Aston Martin DBR/1s. The Porsche held on to finish second while the Ferrari of Hill/von Trips blew its motor.

As was usual following the end of the race in those years, the circuit was opened to the public several of whom would be killed or injured trying to prove they were as capable as Moss or Gurney.

Photos by Yves Debraine ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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    Three in a row for Stirling at the Ring, and finally with a partner who could hold up his end. Plus a fourth in 1956 with Jean Behra.

    Maserati scored just 6 wins in World Endurance series, yet Moss drove to four of those victories,

    Jim Sitz


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