Rain in The Ardennes

This is in the paddock at Spa-Francorchamps before the Championship 1000Km. sports car race which would take place on May 1, 1967. The car here is a Ferrari 330P3/4 (or 412P depending on your preference). It is painted in the yellow color of Belgium and has been entered by the Équipe Nationale Belge which was overseen by Jacques Swaters who was the Ferrari importer for Belgium and Holland. This 412P will be driven by two Belgians, the very fast and sometimes a bit wild professional Willy Mairesse and the wealthy and talented gentleman driver Jean Blaton who raced under the name of “Beurlys” because of his family’s objection to his racing. The 412P was essentially a downgraded/upgraded version of the works 330P3 as used by Ferrari in 1966 and then sold to some of the national distributors who were engaged in racing for use in 1967. It had Weber carburetors instead of the fuel injection of the works 330P3 on its four liter four-cam motor, but had the new 330P4’s suspension and bodywork.

The big car class had one works Ferrari 330P4 for Michael Parkes and Ludovico Scarfiotti and two 412Ps, the above car and one from Maranello Concessionaires, the U.K. Ferrari importer, to be driven by Richard Attwood and Lucien Bianchi, a Chaparral 2F for Mike Spence and Phil Hill, two Mirage M1 Fords for Jacky Ickx/Dick Thompson and David Piper/Dick Thompson, four private GT40s and a pair of new private Lola T70 Mk. 3s.

The start was in the rain, a not unusual condition at Spa. Ickx was immediately in the lead with his Mirage with Ferrari, klemcoll, Spa-Francorchamps, Willy MairesseMairesse not far behind with the yellow 412P, the two Belgian drivers at home on their national but very fast and dangerous circuit. To the left is Mairesse at full speed in the wet conditions which lasted throughout the race. The Chaparral drivers were unfamiliar with the effect of the movable wing in wet conditions and took it easy, before battery problems put them far behind.

At the first round of pit stops Ickx was replaced by the flying dentist Dr. Dick Thompson while Mairesse had to turn Ferrari, Spa-Francorchamps, klemcollthe Ferrari, now leading, over to Blaton who was nowhere as quick. After Ickx got back in for the second round of stops he was almost a lap ahead and Mairesse took off to get back and catch up with the Mirage.

Haste sometimes does make waste and Mairesse overdid things and put the Ferrari 412P into a telephone pole and into a ditch, as seen here. That left the win to Ickx and Thompson with the Mirage.

Behind the Mirage there was a good battle between Josef Siffert in a Porsche 910, Attwood’s Ferrari 412P, the brave Paul Hawkins in one of the Lolas and Parkes with the Factory 330P4. And that is the way they finished.

Photos from the JJF Archive ©The Klemantaski Collection – http://www.klemcoll.com

To see more of our photographs please go to: http://www.klemcoll.com/TheGallery.aspx


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