The Ferrari 330P4

Ferrari, klemcoll, Mauro Forghieri, Brands Hatch

Ferrari’s Technical Director Mauro Forghieri stands behind the Ferrari 330P4 which will be driven by Chris Amon and Jackie Stewart in the B.O.A.C. International 500 six hour race at Brands Hatch In England on July 7, 1967. Even though the race would be six hours, the race title sponsor B.O.A.C. (now British Airways) decided to retain the name which had been used when the race distance was 500 miles. The actual distance covered by the winner over the six hours would be just over 550 miles.

Ferrari, klemcollThe workplace of the Amon/Stewart 330P4 is seen at the left, complete with non-standard rear view mirror.

The Brands Hatch race was the 10th event in the 1967 Manufacturers Championship. The Brands Hatch circuit, even in its longer 2.65 mile Grand Prix form, was twisty with a lot of elevation changes and relatively tight for a large entry of these big and powerful sports racing cars. And quite an entry it was! Jim Hall had his Chaparral 2F-Chevrolet, Scuderia Ferrari entered three 330P4 spyders, and there was an updated 1966 330P3 from Maranello Concessionnaires and four private 250LMs, Porsche had four 910s and a 907 plus two private 906s, John Wyer entered a Ford Mirage, and there were five private GT40s and three Lola T70-Chevrolets.

In practice the two Lolas (Hulme/Brabham and Surtees/Hobbs) were fastest followed by the Chaparral and two of the Ferrari P4s. The race, with 36 starters, soon became a struggle between the Chaparral of Phil Hill/Mike Spence, and the Ferrari P4s, led by the P4 of Chris Amon/Jackie Stewart and Ferrari, klemcoll, Brands Hatch, Chris Amonfollowed by the works Porsches. This group swapped places regularly, both on the track and in their pit stops. The question eventually became between the Chaparral and the 330P4 of Amon/Stewart, seen al left going through Paddock Bend with Amon driving.

At the end, it was the Chaparral in front, almost a minute ahead of the Amon/Stewart P4 due to a last minute “splash and dash” pit stop by the Ferrari. The win was an especially sweet result for 1961 World Champion Phil Hill in what would be his last professional race.

Photos by B. F. Clark and Nigel Snowdon ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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  1. JEFF ALLISON · · Reply

    Be still my heart! Certainly one of the best looking racing cars of all time. I wish I’d seen them race back in the day. Thank you Peter.


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