Season’s Greetings to All

Nuvolari, ferrari, klemcoll

                                         Tazio Nuvolari, Ferrari 125S, Circuito di Forlì, July 6, 1947
                                         Photo by Corrado Millanta ©The Klemantaski Collec
                                            All Best Wishes for Christmas and the New Year 
                                                            from The Klemantaski Collection


  1. Parker Hall · · Reply

    Great! Happy new year. How about photos and stories on the Nuvolari Alfa that split the two Chinetti victories at Le Mans. Think you know the car!

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  2. What a lovely picture of Tazio. Flame proof sleeves rolled up, leather helmet to keep his hair out of his eyes, only practical uses for it and being able to see the driver at work. Prefect image of that by gone day. Now maybe you can see the top of a helmet and a dark face shield. Bless the old days. Have a Merry Christmas and what can only be a Better New Year. If it isn’t Better then is must be Armageddon time. Sincerely Allen Kuhn


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