Our End-of-Year Sale Start

Stirling Moss, Maserati, Monaco Grand Prix, klemcoll

This photo of Stirling Moss on his way to win the 1956 Monaco Grand Prix is the symbol for our End-of-Year Sale which begins on Monday, November 1 and runs to the end of this year.

The sale carries a discount of 40% on all print orders, including orders for any of our many prints signed by the photographer and – in a few instances – by a driver as well. Orders through our website will bill at the normal prices, but we will confirm the post-discount price to you by email and that is what you will be charged. Shipping is of course additional.

We are also offering deep discounts on some of our Special Publications as set forth here:

The Eye of Klemantaski, a softbound collection of his most famous images, will be reduced to $5. The Golden Age, a similar booklet of important images by our other photographers, is also just $5. These booklets make superb holiday presents, especially for young enthusiasts.

Cruel Sport, Robert Daley, klemcoll

The Cruel Sport, Robert Daley’s famous book about grand prix racing in the dangerous 1960s was republished as a special signed edition a few years ago with additional text by Robert Daley now looking back on those years. His text is accompanied by many of his photographs. We have only three copies remaining, all are signed by Robert Daley. This book comes in a custom made slipcase. The price is reduced to $49.95, plus shipping.




George Abecassis, klemcollThen there is this wonderful biography of the British gentlemen driver George Abecassis who had the talent to also be a successful Grand Prix driver. We have a very few copies left of this fabulous 411-page book which contains many of the Abecassis family photographs of a life dedicated to motorsport. This book is now reduced to $39.95, plus shipping



Also available at reduced prices are Las Temporadas, Grand Prix racing in Argentina in the late 1940s, at $49.85 and Argentina F1 1953 at only $12, in both cases plus shipping.

The above Stirling Moss photo is by Yves Debraine ©The Klemantaski Collection – http://www.klemcoll.com





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