Digging into a Ferrari

Ferrari, klemcoll, Rudi Fischer,Swiss GP

The 1951 Swiss Grand Prix was scheduled for May 27 on the Bremgarten Park  circuit in Bern. Here during practice Rudi Fischer’s mechanics delve into his privately owned Ecurie Espadon Ferrari, an older Grand Prix chassis first updated as a V12 two liter F2 car and now fitted with larger 2.6l liter displacement motor to be better in the then current 4.5 liter Formula 1 limit. Fischer was a Swiss amateur driver who formed the Ecurie Espadon, as seen on the pit wall here, with group of Swiss friends. Initially, they used Gordinis and later on switched to Ferraris of the F2 class. Generally Fischer and his cohorts competed in non-championship races where the level of competition was closer to their level as drivers and their cars’ performance.

However enthusiastic Fischer might have been, he would not be able to challenge for an important klemcoll, Ferrari, Rudi Fischerplacing, given the level competition in this the initial Formula 1 Grand Prix of 1951. Here he is at the left during practice. Alfa Romeo had brought four of its revised 159 Alfettas for Nino Farina, Juan Fangio, Consalvo Sabesi and local driver Toulo de Graffenried. Ferrari had brought three of their latest 4.5 liter 375F1s for Luigi Villoresi, Alberto Ascari and Piero Taruffi. Behind these leading qualifiers were a raft of six Talbot-Lagos, a pair of HWMs and two older Maseratis. Fischer qualified tenth, not a bad showing in this company.

Fangio led from the start in heavy rain which made the Bremgarten course even more dangerous than usual. Even with a stop for fuel, he caught and passed Nino Farina with ease. Ferrari’s Taruffi would take second place while Ascari was sixth. Fischer came in 11th, three laps down.

Photos by Alan R. Smith ©The Klemantaski Collection – http://www.klemcoll.com

With our best wishes for the holiday season and a prosperous New Year.

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