Two Views at The Targa

Ferrari, klemcoll, Targa Florio, Olivier Gendebien, Phill Hill

We are at the start of the Targa Florio on May 24, 1959. Car n. 152, a Ferrari 250TR/59 is moving forward. Taking the start in this car is Olivier Gendebien who, as was often the case, has Phil Hill as his teammate. Photographers and other drivers stand on both sides of the road. Some of them are more clearly visible in this second view of the start of this same Ferrari.

Ferrari, klemcoll, Targa Florio, Olivier Gendebien, Phill Hill

It is actually quite unusual to have two such images, both taken at almost the same moment from opposite directions.. The man in the dark jacket and the light colored pants standing next to the right rear wheel of the car in this second photo is probably the famous photo-journalist Bernard Cahier. The tall man in the dark clothing standing on the opposite side of the road about 100 feet away and holding his camera to his eyes is Robert Daley who took the first photo above. On the same side of the road stand two other Ferrari drivers. In the dark loden coat is Tony Brooks who is down to drive another 250TR/59 with Jean Behra. To Brooks’ left wearing his driving gear is Cliff Allison who will share a third 250TR/59 with Dan Gurney.

Unfortunately, none of these three Ferraris will get to the finish. Gendebien’s car will break its final drive on the second lap. Phil Hill will not get to drive. This same failure will also be the cause of the retirement of the Behra/Brooks TR/59 later in the race and transmission failure will stop the Gurney/Allison car before Allison could drive it.

Photos by Robert Daley and Edward Eves ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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