In the Monza Paddock

Maserati, Monza, klemcoll, Frua

The old paddock at the famed Monza Grand Prix circuit near Milan is remembered for its stonework forming partial circles. And there was perhaps no better place to display a new Maserati Spyder. These photos were taken in at Monza on September 11, 1955 before the Italian Grand Prix. The Maserati was called the 2000cc Gran Sport, but has generally been known as a Maserati A6G/54 Frua Cabriolet. It would be one of about ten Frua A6G/54 cars, each being slightly different, clothed for Maserati by Pietro Frua’s carrozzeria in Turin. But only four were spyders.

Maserati, Monza, klemcoll. Frua Here is another view of the Maserati receiving the gazes of approval by mechanics and others in the paddock. This car was painted a striking bright red with a white central stripe and a white top and interior. The motor was a six cylinder two liter with dual ignition, a similar version to that which had been used in Maserati’s very successful two liter sports car the A6GCS which shared its basic chassis structure with the new cabriolet.

Maserati, Monza, klemcoll, Frua The interior of this cabriolet was elegant and immediately impressive with its white interior. The only questionable mechanical aspect of the A6G cars was the transmission which had a very low first gear, making it in essence only a three-speed unit in normal operation. This is one of the most attractive Maseratis of the 1950s.

Phots by Ami Guichard ©The Klemantaski Collection

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