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Ferrari, klemcoll, Ollon-Villars, Peter Schetty

Here is the Swiss hillclimb expert Peter Schetty at the wheel of the Ferrari 212E Montagna Group 7 sports car at the Ollon-Villars hillclimb which was the final event of the 1969 European Mountain Championship held on August 31, 1969. Schetty won every one of the mountain events that year and set several course records to totally dominate the Championship.

The Ollon-Villars climb was located in the Vaud area of Switzerland and went from the vineyards of Ollon, situated between Sion and Lausanne, up to the top of the ski resort at Villars. The road used was 8km in length and reflected a vertical climb of about 700 meters.

The 212E was based on the chassis of a Ferrari Dino 206S sports car, which had been considerably lightened for hillclimb effectiveness, no lights at the front, a very small fuel tank, inboard rear brakes and lightweight fiberglass bodywork. The motor which was a single unique unit for this car was based on the Ferrari 1512 F1 engine from 1965 which was a 1.5 liter 180⁰ flat 12 cylinder unit. This was scaled up to two liters for the 212E and was capable of about 300 hp at over 11,000 rpm.

Ferrari. klemcoll, Ollon-Villars, Peter SchettyuSeen at left is another photograph of Schetty during his record ascent. His time was about eight seconds faster than second place Silvio Moser in an F1 Brabham BT24-Ford. Schetty’s time was finally eclipsed by François Cevert with a works Tecno F2 car in 1971, but by less than a second.

Today, the 212E is in a Swiss collection but with slightly different bodywork from what it ran with in 1969.

Photos from the JJF Archive ©The Klemantaski collection –

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