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The 60th Anniversary Ferrari 250 GTO Reunion

Forty years ago a Ferrari 250 GTO Reunion was held in France to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the first year of construction and racing of the Ferrari 250 GTO. That Reunion was organized by the late Jess G. Pourret the author of the important 1977 book La Légende Ferrari 250 GT Compétition which ignited a […]

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Lella Lombardi

Here is the real 34 year old Italian driver Maria Grazia “Lella” Lombardi, taken at the 1980 Brands Hatch six Hours, who drove a March-Ford at the Spanish Grand Prix which took place on April 27, 1975. Lombardi was the second, and up to now, the last woman to start an F1 race. This race […]

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Mountain Magic

Here is the Swiss hillclimb expert Peter Schetty at the wheel of the Ferrari 212E Montagna Group 7 sports car at the Ollon-Villars hillclimb which was the final event of the 1969 European Mountain Championship held on August 31, 1969. Schetty won every one of the mountain events that year and set several course records […]

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A Back Street Workshop

Here we are in a back street at Monte Carlo before the start of the Monaco Grand Prix on May 19,1957. The car which has been pulled up and chocked into place on the exit ramps of the works Maserati transport is a Maserati 250F which will be driven by World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio. […]

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The Multi-Motor Monza

Mike Hawthorn pulls in during practice at Monza before the Supercortemaggiore 1000km race which would take place on May 29, 1955. Then Supercortemaggiore name gave credit to the gasoline brand provided by AGIP. Hawthorn’s car is a new Ferrari four cylinder sports car of the evoluzione series of the 750 Monza of mid-1955 and Umberto Maglioli […]

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Two Giants of Design

It is August 1949 in Maranello. Most of Italy is on vacation, but not at Ferrari. Sitting here in the design office are the two most influential and talented designers of Ferrari’s early years: Aurelio Lampredi (left) and Gioacchino Colombo. Colombo started at Alfa Romeo about a dozen years before the War and had a […]

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The Speedy Lancia

Here braking for Arnage Corner at Le Mans is one of the very fast Lancia LC2s that ran at Le Mans on June 16-17, 1984. This is Lancia number 4 which was driven by Alessandro Nannini and Bob Wollek, running with Martini colors in Group C. The Lancia LC2 used a V8 Ferrari motor derived […]

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A Triple Winner

This is the story of one of those Ferrari mysteries that lasted for years. This photo is of the Ferrari 250P which would win the June 15-16, 1963 Le Mans 24 hour race taken as the car exits Mulsanne Corner. The Ferrari was driven by Lorenzo Bandini and Ludovico Scarfiotti. For years this Le Mans […]

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The Toughest Mountain Climb

This notable scenic image is from the July 17, 1955 Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb showing  winner Umberto Maglioli in a factory-entered 3 liter Ferrari 750 Monza. The Aosta to Gran San Bernardo route ran for just over 21 miles in the Italian alps from the town of Aosta in the Aosta valley up to the […]

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A Fiery End

Here is a superb portrait photo of Willy Mairesse in a Ferrari 156F1 as he turns into the La Source hairpin at Spa-Francorchamps during the Belgian Grand Prix on June 17, 1962. Spa was the home circuit for Mairesse who combined his talent at the top level of F1 racing with the almost limitless bravery that […]