Porsche, Targa Florioi, John Wyer, klemcoll, Peter Coltrin

The 1970 Targa Florio would be held over 11 laps of the 45-mile Piccolo Madonie circuit in Sicily taking place on May 3rd. But before practice and the race the Porsche works cars were gathered for a special photo shoot. The works team of the rear three cars was entered by the eponymous JW Automotive […]

Luigi Villoresi, Alberto Adscari, Piero Taruffi, Nino Farina, Syracusa, Ferrari, kklemcoll

We are in Syracusa on the south portion of the east coast of the island of Sicily on March 15 1952, the day before the Syracuse Grand Prix for Formula 2 cars along with a sports car race in support known as the Coppa d’Oro Sport. Sitting on the old stone spectator benches across from […]

BRM, Folkingham, Raymond Mays, klemcoll

It is a wintry day on Thursday, December 15, 1949 at Folkingham Aerodrome in England for the presentation of the first BRM V16  supercharged 1.5 liter Grand Prix car which has been under construction and development since 1945. Folkingham was a former RAF field which had been closed in 1947 and where BRM was permitted […]

Alberto Acari, Ferrari, Bremgarten, klemcoll

This is then current World Champion Alberto Ascari in his Ferrari 500F2 at the Swiss Grand Prix held on August 23, 1953 on the Bremgarten park circuit in the city of Bern. The circuit was approximately 4.5 miles in length, quite fast with almost all sweeping corners and very dangerous when wet due to the […]

Alberto Ascari, Monaco Grand Prix, Lancia, klemcoll

Here is Alberto Ascari, a two-time World Champion, sitting in a Lancia D50 about to go out for practice prior to the Monaco Grand Prix which was held on May 22, 1955. The new Lancia Grand Prix car, introduced at the end of the 1954 season, featured several new design features created for Lancia by […]

Reg Parnell, Mille Miglia, klemcoll, Aston Martin

This photograph was taken in the courtyard of Casa Maggi, the ancestral home of Count Aymo Maggi, one of the four original founders of the Mille Miglia along with Giovanni Canestrini, Renzo Castagneto and Franco Mazzotti. Casa Maggi was located near the village of Calino which is about 10 km west of Brescia. It was often […]

Monza, Klemcoll, Enzo Ferrari, Battista Pininfarina

On April 27, 1960 members of the Ferrari team gathered at Monza for a test of their F1 and sports cars. A special guest attended the test being Battista Pinin Farina who was welcomed by Enzo Ferrari. Farina, who would officially change his last name to Pininfarina a year later, had been a close collaborator […]

Ferrari, Le Mans, klemcoll

Three Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas exit from Mulsanne Corner early in the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 25-26, 1960. These were all three works entered or supported entries. Leadings this group is a Scuderia Ferrari 250TR60 being driven by Wolfgang von Trips who is to share his car with Phil Hill. Following closely is […]

Railton, Brooklands, klemcoll

In front of the famous Thomson & Taylor showroom at Brooklands in April 1938  stands the equally famous Railton Special, here with its wheel tops exposed. Created by Reid Railton to attack the land speed record, the Special was powered by a pair of Napire Lion W12 engines. In his description of the Special in his […]

Ferrari, Nurburgring, klemcoll, Ascari, Farina

We are at the fueling point behind the pits at the famous Nürburgring on August 29, 1953 before practice for the next day’s 1000 Km. race. The car is a Ferrari 375MM with a 4.5 liter V12 motor and the latest Vignale spyder bodywork. It will be driven for Scuderia Ferrari by two of their […]