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Lancia at Valentino

On May 27, 1955 a non-Championship F1 race was held in the old Parco del Valentino in Turin. Lancia was there in force and here is the team relaxing before practice: on the left is Luigi Villoresi, next to him is team leader Alberto Ascari with the young lion Eugenio Castellotti listening carefully. Seated on the […]

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The 1954 Spanish Grand Prix

An old friend and often commentator to our points, Jim Sitz, has suggested that we do a post about the Grand Prix held on the Pedrables street circuit in Barcelona on October 24, 1954. Although the Championship had already been decided in favor of Juan Fangio, and this being the last race, Spain was indeed […]

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A Start at Silverstone

It is just after the start of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 18, 1953. This image was taken as the leaders approached “The Motor” pedestrian bridge which was placed just before entry to the sweeping right hander called Copse. The leading car is a Maserati A6GCM which had a six-cylinder two liter […]

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A Start at Monaco

This superb color photograph captures the start of what would be an exciting and surprising race, the Monaco Grand Prix of May 22, 1955. Here the still-accelerating field is about to brake hard for the very tight Gazometre hairpin at the end of the curving harborfront straight. On the inside as they approach the hairpin […]

“The Boys”

We are on the grid just before the start at Silverstone of the second Heat of the International Daily Express Trophy Race, a non-championship event for Formula 1 cars, on August 26, 1950. This race was run in two Heats and a Final with the finishers in each Heat competing in the Final. The first […]

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The British Grand Prix – 60 Years Ago

This weekend will see the 2013 running of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Sixty years ago the British Grand Prix was also held at Silverstone and the winner was the reigning World Champion Alberto Ascari at the wheel of a works Ferrari 500. Here he is passing the old Silverstone pits which were then located […]