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Alfa Romeo, Bremgarten, Jean-Pierre Wimille, klemcoll

Alfa Romeo at Bern

Prewar color racing photographs are very rare. This one was taken during practice for the 1938 Swiss Grand Prix on the Bremgarten circuit in Bern. Not only was 35mm color film difficult to find but obtaining a good image of a moving racing car in color was near impossible with a film speed of ASA […]

Stirling Moss, Swiss GP, klemcoll, HWM

His First World Championship Race

Here is a young Stirling Moss about to go out to practice in his first World Championship F1 race, the Swiss Grand Prix which took place on the dangerous Bremgarten circuit at Berne on May 27, 1951. Moss is in one of John Heath’s F2 HWMs which were powered by the two liter four cylinder […]

Ferrari, klemcoll, Rudi Fischer,Swiss GP

Digging into a Ferrari

The 1951 Swiss Grand Prix was scheduled for May 27 on the Bremgarten Park  circuit in Bern. Here during practice Rudi Fischer’s mechanics delve into his privately owned Ecurie Espadon Ferrari, an older Grand Prix chassis first updated as a V12 two liter F2 car and now fitted with larger 2.6l liter displacement motor to […]

Alfa Romeo, Berne, Bremgarten, Juan Fangio, klemcoll

Fangio at Bremgarten

Here is a fine study of the great Juan Manuel Fangio on the grid for the Swiss Grand Prix in Berne on May 27, 1951. His car is an Alfa Romeo 159 with its double-stage supercharged 1.5 liter straight eight motor, producing about 420 hp. The Alfa 159, or Alfetta as these cars were called […]

Mercedes, Bremgarten, Swiss Grand Prix, Manfred von Brauchitsch

The Red Baron

It is August 20, 1938 on the Bremgarten Forest circuit in the Swiss capital city of Bern where the Swiss Grand Prix was always held. The car is a Mercedes-Benz W154 being driven by Manfred von Brauchitsch, the photograph taken during the dry practice period prior to the race which was run in wet conditions. Von Brauchitsch […]

Ferrari, Alberto Ascari, Swiss GP, Bremgarten

The Italian Master

In 1952 and 1953 Alberto Ascari was totally dominant in the two-liter Formula 2 class which determined the World Championship for Drivers in those two years. Some would say that his dominance was perhaps as much the car as the driver because Enzo Ferrari was fully prepared, having known that the Championship would switch over to […]

Alfa Romeo, Achille Varzi, GP des Nations

Le Grand Prix des Nations

  Here is the famous prewar Italian driver Achille Varzi at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 158 during the 1946 Grand Prix des Nations at the Geneva street circuit. This was one of the initial Grand Prix races after World War II. Varzi’s 158 was the more powerful variant with twin-stage supercharging and over […]

Swiss Grand Prix, Maserati, Marimon

Onofre Marimon

This is the young Argentinean driver Onofre Marimon on the old Bremgarten park circuit in Bern Switzerland on August 22, 1953 during practice for the next day’s Swiss Grand Prix. He is driving the Maserati factory-supported Argentinean club’s two liter Maserati A6GCM, painted in Argentina’s racing colors of blue and yellow. In the race, he would […]