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Railton, Brooklands, klemcoll

Sleek and Fast

In front of the famous Thomson & Taylor showroom at Brooklands in April 1938  stands the equally famous Railton Special, here with its wheel tops exposed. Created by Reid Railton to attack the land speed record, the Special was powered by a pair of Napire Lion W12 engines. In his description of the Special in his […]

Raymond Mays, ERA, BRM

Raymond Mays

Raymond Mays here sits in his ERA at Prescott Hill-climb on May 19, 1946. Mays was an accomplished driver both pre- and postwar and a very unique individual. Mays came from a prosperous wool business family from Bourne, Lincolnshire, a home which would have much to do with his subsequent motorsports career. As a youngster […]

The Grimace of Concentration

  This quite fierce-seeming driver is Robert M. W. Arbuthnot concentrating hard at the wheel of his Alfa Romeo 8C35 Grand Prix car during the Campbell Trophy at Brooklands on August 7, 1939. He did well for a while getting up to fourth position before a spin sent him to the back of the field. […]

Alfa Romeo, K. D. Evans, Brooklands

An Alfa in British Racing Green

Some might think this photo was taken at Donington, but it is in fact at Brooklands during the Junior Car Club’s J.C.C. International Trophy on May 6, 1939. This is Kenneth Douglas Evans, who usually entered as K. D. Evans, driving his supercharged 3 liter Alfa Romeo P3 Grand Prix car, painted in British Racing […]

Norman, Wilson, ERA, Brooklands

The Eye of Klemantaski

  In the late 1930s Louis Klemantaski often went to race meetings at Brooklands which was initially the only racing circuit in England, joined later by the road circuit at Donington. Brooklands, which opened in 1907 as a motor racing and vehicle test center, combined with an airfield, offered alternative layouts from its high speed, steeply-banked and somewhat […]

Hugh Hunter, Alfa Romeo, 8C2900, Brooklands

A Rare Alfa Romeo

This stunning Alfa Romeo 8C2900B spider with bodywork by Touring began its life as an Alfa factory entry for the 1938 Mille Miglia and was reputedly the winning car driven by Clemente Biondetti with Alfa mechanic Aldo Stefani beside him. That at least is what Hugh Hunter, here racing his Alfa on the Campbell Circuit at Brooklands on April 10, […]

Brroklands, Maserati, B.Bira

High on The Banking

Before the War, the Brooklands Byfleet Banking was the only truly high speed venue in England – and challenging it was for sure. Built in 1907 using cement slab, the banking was about 30 feet high and allowed speeds of over 140 mph. This Klemantaski photo, taken during the Junior Car Club 200 Mile Race […]

Cortese, Klemantaski, Alfa Romeo, Brooklands

Franco Cortese & Louis Klemantaski

It is a foggy morning at Brooklands in November 1938. Franco Cortese, a well-known Italian racing driver, has brought an interesting new Alfa Romeo to England and has asked Louis Klemantaski to look it over. The Alfa is a 6c2500 competition spider. They would both drive the Alfa that morning and Klemantaski would take a […]