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Monaco Grand Prix, Tabac Corner, McLaren, Denis Hulme, klemcoll


We love the dynamics of this photograph. It shows Denny Hulme with his McLaren M7A turning into Tabac Corner during the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26, 1968. Tabac was so called because of a tobacco products store which was once on that corner. The narrow entry to Tabac swung the cars under full acceleration […]

Monaco Grand Prix, Louis Chiron, klemcoll

The Conductor

With his flag like a conductor’s baton, the famed Monégasque racing driver Louis Chiron, who after his retirement became the official starter of the Monaco Grand Prix, prepares to release the field for an early practice session. The year was 1962 and the Grand Prix itself would take place on June 3rd. Immediately in front […]

klemcoll, Spa-Francorchamps

The Drivers’ Meeting

A drivers meeting is rarely a deeply solemn affair, but here just look at the faces… These young men are standing in front of the pits at Spa-Francorchamps before the start of the Belgian Grand Prix on June 14, 1964. Spa was a course that made everyone nervous, especially if it might rain. You did […]

The Bruce and Denny Show

Before the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 19, 1969 Bruce McLaren (left) and Denny Hulme discuss the rear wing on one of their McLaren M7As. Hulme was on the outside of the front row of the grid which he shared with Jochen Rindt’s Lotus 49, og pole, and Jackie Stewart’s Matra MS80 while McLaren had […]

Zero Special. Roger Penske, Brands Hatch

The Unfair Advantage

Here is Roger Penske with John Mecom’s Zerex Special on his way to winning the Guards International Trophy race at Brands Hatch on August 6, 1963. Behind Penske came Roy Salvadori and Tim Mayer, both in Cooper-Monacos which were just not quite as quick as the Zerex. The Zerex Special had begun life as a Cooper […]

Ferrari, Spa-Francorchamps, Chris Amon

The First Wing

In 1968 wings began to sprout on Formula 1 cars. One of the very first to appear was on the Ferrari 312F1 during practice for the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on Friday, June 7, 1968. Here is Ferrari’s brilliant chief engineer Mauro Forghieri (left) making an adjustment to the rear wing of Chris Amon’s car. […]