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Maserati, Nuvolari, klemcoll


Today we are showing you a series of images of the great prewar driver Tazio Nuvolari during the Grand Prix des Nations in Geneva on July 21, 1946. The Geneva city street circuit was approximately 1.9 miles in length and the race was held in two 32-lap heats and a 44-lap final. Although not the […]

Ferrari, klemcoll, GP des Nations, Geneva

Two Cars Number 40

  This photograph shows Alberto Ascari in a 4.1 liter Ferrari 340F1 at the Grand Prix des Nations, held on a street circuit in the Swiss city of Geneva, on July 30, 1950. The Geneva race was not to count for that year’s newly-announced Formula 1 World Championship but still received a very strong entry […]

Alfa Romeo, Achille Varzi, GP des Nations

Le Grand Prix des Nations

  Here is the famous prewar Italian driver Achille Varzi at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 158 during the 1946 Grand Prix des Nations at the Geneva street circuit. This was one of the initial Grand Prix races after World War II. Varzi’s 158 was the more powerful variant with twin-stage supercharging and over […]

After the War…

One of the most important early races after the end of World War II was the Grand Prix des Nations held on July 21, 1946 over a street circuit in Geneva, Switzerland. Prewar Grand Prix cars which had been put away in safety over the war years made one of their first appearances after the […]