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A Le Mans Start

Here is one of the classic race start photographs, but in this case taken not at Le Mans but at the Nürburgring at the start of the famous 1000 Km. race on May 31, 1964. There are 81 starters lined up in front of the pits with the fastest qualifiers at the far end of […]

A Tragic Race

Here is Phil Hill in his Ferrari 156F1 braking for the Parabolica corner at Monza during the Italian Grand Prix on September 10, 1961. Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips, both driving for Ferrari, were close for the Championship which either could win. Hill had 29 points and Trips was at 33 before the Monza […]

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Lancia at Le Mans

 This lovely color image was taken in the pits at Le Mans before the start of the 24 Hours on June 13, 1953. This Lancia berlinetta was a D20 with supercharger, one of four entered by Scuderia Lancia that year. This D20 would be driven by Frenchman Robert Manzon and Monégasque Louis Chiron. The D20 […]

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A Mexican Pit Stop

The red car above is a Ferrari 250 Sport, the only one built. The “1-2-3” on the car is not a car number but sponsorship by a Mexican oil company. This Ferrari first appeared in the 1952 Mille Miglia, driven by Giovanni Bracco with Alfonso Rolfo as his passenger. The 250 Sport was a sort of factory hot […]

Ferrari, Chris Amon Monaco Grand Prix

Amon at Portier

The 1969 Monaco Grand Prix took place  on May 18th. This is a nice photo of Chris Amon with the Ferrari 312 practice car (hence the “T” on its nose) rounding Portier on the Grand Prix circuit during Saturday practice with the signposts at the apex before entering the tunnel. This car is in its “wingless” form […]

Lancia D50, Alberto Ascari, Station Hairpin

The Station Hairpin

This marvelous overhead photograph shows Alberto Ascari turning into Station Hairpin during early morning practice for the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix which would be held on May 22. Ascari is driving the new Lancia D50 2.5 liter grand prix car, a very complex and sophisticated design by Vittorio Jano, the great prewar Alfa Romeo designer. […]

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Before the Crash

For 1954 Enzo Ferrari needed more power for his front line sports cars, so he built a successor to the 1953 375MM called the 375 Plus. There were a half dozen of these cars constructed, using a 4.9 liter version of the 4.5 liter motor of the 375MM. With one notable exception the 375 Plus was […]

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The “Twin Torpedo” at Le Mans

This unusual-looking race car was presented at the 1955 Le Mans race where it was to be driven by Mario Damonte and Roger Croveto. It was created by the small Nardi firm of steering wheel fame and was powered by a 735 cc modified Giannini 4-cylinder motor which was housed on the left side between the front […]

Neubauer, Mercedes Benz

Alfred Neubauer

  In 1952, returning to international competition after the War years, Mercedes Benz developed a new sports car called a 300SL, for three liter, super-light. To test this new concept they entered three of these cars, two coupés and a spider in the Carrera Panamericana Mexico which ran some 2,100 miles up the entire length […]

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The Lancia D50 Grand Prix Car

Grand Prix photographs in color from the 1950s are comparatively rare, primarily because most magazine and other publishers would not print color at that time. In this image the factory Lancia team cars are shown lined up in the pits during practice for the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix which would take place on May 22nd. […]