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Gilles Villeneuve, Long Beach, Ferrari, klemcoll

What a Difference a Year Makes

This is Gilles Villeneuve hard at work trying everything he can to find the success he had had a year before. Villeneuve had won the Long Beach Grand Prix (more correctly known as the U.S. Grand Prix West) in 1979 with the Ferrari 312T4 and with his teammate and eventual Championship winner Jody Scheckter second. […]

Ferrari, Gilles Villeneuve, klemcoll, Monaco

Ferrari’s 312T5

Here we see a clear view of the Ferrari 312T5 as driven by Gilles Villeneuve at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 18, 1980. Note the low, wide and very flat bodywork, trying to get clean air to the rear wing. The T5 was the final development of the combination of Ferrari’s well-known flat 12 […]

Ferrari, Long Beach,klemcoll, scheckter

A Run on The Streets

Two lovely Ferrari 312/T5s on the streets of Long Beach on March 30, 1980 during the USGP West. Nevertheless, beauty does not finish first every time. Ferrari, which had won the Championship for Jody Scheckter in 1979 with the 312/T4, found that their already rather ancient design would be out of the running with its […]

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The Rush of Speed

For years Watkins Glen has been known as The Blue Monster because of its sky blue guard rails which still closely surround the circuit. The top of The Esses was always a very challenging section, flat out with a quick car getting light when the road bends left as it tops the crest of the hill. This […]

Ferrari, Jody Scheckter, Gilles Villeneuve, Long Beach Grand Prix

The Red Tide Runs Out

What a difference a year makes. 1979 had been a real Ferrari benefit with Jody Scheckter winning the World Championship and his young teammate Gilles Villeneuve  as runner-up with Ferrari’s 312T4. Ingenere Mauro Forghieri had got the aero right. But 1980 was something else entirely. Here are Scheckter and Gilles Villeneuve in line at the U. S. Grand Prix […]