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Jackie Stewart, Monaco Grand Prix, klemcoll, Louis Chiron

To the Victor the Spoils of Success

We love this iconic finishing photo of Louis Chiron offering the checkered flag to Jackie Stewart in his BRM P261. The occasion was the Monaco Grand Prix on May 22, 1966. Chiron was one of Monte Carlo’s most famous motor racing figures, having won this race in 1931 with a Bugatti Type 51 and competed […]

Monaco Grand Prix, Louis Chiron, klemcoll

The Conductor

With his flag like a conductor’s baton, the famed Monégasque racing driver Louis Chiron, who after his retirement became the official starter of the Monaco Grand Prix, prepares to release the field for an early practice session. The year was 1962 and the Grand Prix itself would take place on June 3rd. Immediately in front […]

Ferrari, klemcoll, Spa-Francorchamps, Luigi Chinetti

In the Wet at Spa

This is a rather unusual Le Mans start as a mechanic helps Luigi Chinetti climb into his Ferrari 166 Spider Corsa at the start of the Grand Prix of the 24 Hours of Belgium at Spa-Francorchamps which took place on July10-11, 1948. Chinetti, who at this time had returned to France from America where he […]

French Grand Prix, Emmanuel de Graffenried, klemcoll

A French Grand Prix

The first French Grand Prix was held on a series of public roads near Lyon in 1914 and was won by a Mercedes. In 1947 there were no Mercedes but the Grand Prix was held again at Lyon on September 21 although on a much shorter temporary street circuit. Here is the talented Swiss “gentleman […]

BRM, Monaco, Jackie Stewart, klemcoll

A Win for B.R.M.

This is the Monaco Grand Prix on May 22, 1966 as Jackie Stewart exits the famous tight downhill hairpin in his B.R.M. 61/2. This hairpin has had a series of different names down the years. It began as the Station Hairpin because the railroad station was situated on the outside of this turn, then when […]

Lancia, Le Mans, klemcoll

Lancia at Le Mans

 This lovely color image was taken in the pits at Le Mans before the start of the 24 Hours on June 13, 1953. This Lancia berlinetta was a D20 with supercharger, one of four entered by Scuderia Lancia that year. This D20 would be driven by Frenchman Robert Manzon and Monégasque Louis Chiron. The D20 […]

Bira, Maserati, klemcoll

The Siamese Prince

Here is Prince B. Bira of Siam with his Maserati 4CL in its Siamese colors at the Jersey International Road Race which took place on the Channel island of Jersey on May 8,1947. After the War, racing on public roads was forbidden in England. However, that law did not apply to places such as Northern […]

Fangio Monaco, Mercedes

Fangio at Monaco

For the  Monaco Grand Prix on May 22, 1955 Mercedes-Benz entered three of their new short-chassis W196 F1 cars, to be driven by Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and André Simon. There was plenty of opposition, even though the Mercedes were unquestionably very fast and benefitted from their usual immense support structure. Lancia had replied with four of their […]

Reims, Gueux, Chiron Talbot

The Village of Gueux

This is Louis Chiron, driving a Talbot T26C grand prix car and braking for the tight corner in the center of picturesque Gueux village on the old version of the Reims circuit, as used up to 1952. As originally configured, the circuit of Reims-Gueux, as it was then known, used public roads and had a […]