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A Ferrari TR at the Targa

We are here waiting in line for the start of the Targa Florio on May 11, 1958. The car is a Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa entered by Scuderia Ferrari, one of four such cars entered by the factory team. This example will be driven by Luigi Musso and Belgian endurance expert Olivier Gendebien. Two of […]

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In the Forest

This evocative photograph was taken in the early morning of July 7, 1957 as the Ferrari team lined up to fill their cars with fuel before French Grand Prix which would be on the Rouen-Les-Essarts public road circuit. The four team cars are the Ferrari 801F1, the result of two years’ development of the Lancia […]

Ferrari, Targa Florio, klemcoll, von Trips, Phil Hill

The Targa Florio

This is one of our favorite images. It provides almost a driver’s eye view of what it was like to compete in the Targa Florio, this being from the May 11, 1958 edition of the famous endurance race . The car is a Ferrari 250TR/58, serial number 0728, and was driven by Wolfgang von Trips, […]

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Advice from Il Commendatore

Here we are at the Ferrari factory in Maranello, probably on April 27, 1956, before the team drove to Brescia for scrutineering and the start of the Mille Miglia. Enzo Ferrari is easily recognizable gesticulating as his drivers look on. On the left is Luigi Musso and on the right is Peter Collins, wearing Argentinean […]

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Three Brave Men

Here is Mike Hawthorn about to go out to practice for the 500 Miles of Monza, also called the Race of Two Worlds, which would take place on the Monza banked oval on June 29, 1958. The 1958 race was the second of the two such “Monzanapolis” races between European cars and Indy roadsters. It […]

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The Master

Klemantaski told us that he considered this to be his best ever photograph. It shows Juan Manuel Fangio winning the French Grand Prix at the Rouen-les Essarts public road circuit on July 7, 1957. The original square image, on 120 film, was shot using a Rolleiflex, not Klemantaski’s usual Leica. He was trying to pan […]

Phil Hill, Ferrari, Monza


Here is American Phil Hill in his first Ferrari Formula 1 drive with a 246F1 in Monza’s long sweeping final Parabolica corner during the Italian Grand Prix which was held on September 7, 1958. Hill got an F1 drive the hard way, being promoted after the deaths of Ferrari F1 drivers Luigi Musso during the French Grand […]

Fangio, Maserati 250F, Rouen-Les Essarts

The Four Wheel Drift

Here is a truly classic Grand Prix image: the great Juan Manuel Fangio in an acute high speed drift on the long and very fast descent from the start/finish area on the public road course of Rouen-Les Essarts during the French Grand Prix on July 7, 1957. Fangio is holding his Maserati 250F at just the angle […]

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Victory !

This is one of the greatest race finish photographs ever. Not only is it a wonderfully evocative image in itself, but it records a most important win. It is the afternoon of July 20, 1957 at the Aintree motor racing circuit at which the British Grand Prix was held that year. Aintree was laid out […]

Mike Hawthorn, Juan Fangio, Peter Collins, Harry Schell

The Drivers Meeting

There is a drivers meeting before the start of every major race. The faces and attitudes tell one a lot about what may soon transpire. This group is going to hear about the start and clearly visible in the photograph is the starting flag, held by the official who will start the race, the infamous […]