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The Bazooka

We now would like to show you a series of rare photographs of the first 1957 appearance of the Maserati 450S which was at the Buenos Aires 1000km race which took place on January 20, 1957. The Buemos Aires street circuit was called the Circuit de la Costanera Norte. The Maserati 450S was described as […]

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Camoradi at the Nürburgring

In the pits before the start of the isürburgring 1000km race on May 5, 1960 is the Maserati T61 entered by Lloyd “Lucky” Casner’s Camoradi USA Racing Team. The Maserati would be driven by Stirling Moss and Dan Gurney. Although not the fastest in practice, they would be first at the end, about three minutes […]

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Ferrari’s Leading Drivers

Here we are in Woodcote corner, the very fast final corner on the old Silverstone circuit as Juan Manuel Fangio, assisted by the Ferrari mechanics, pushes is Ferrari-Lancia toward the grid. The race will be the British Grand Prix which took place on July 14, 1956. Fangio was joined on the Ferrari team by Peter […]

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A Back Street Workshop

Here we are in a back street at Monte Carlo before the start of the Monaco Grand Prix on May 19,1957. The car which has been pulled up and chocked into place on the exit ramps of the works Maserati transport is a Maserati 250F which will be driven by World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio. […]

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Emmanuel de Graffenried

Here is Swiss Baron Emmanuel de Graffenried, known affectionally as “Toulo,” in his Maserati 4CLT/48, managed for him by Scuderia Enrico Platé, before the start of the Daily Express International Trophy at Silverstone on August 20, 1949. Toulo de Graffenried was a very talented amateur driver who had undertaken a Grand Prix racing career in […]

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The Prince’s Maserati

This is the well-known prewar driver “B. Bira” now racing postwar in his latest car, a new Maserati 250F in its first race, the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps on June 20, 1954. Of course the real name of “B. Bira,” or Prince Bira as he was sometimes known , was actually Prince Birabongse Bhanudej […]

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In the Monza Paddock

The old paddock at the famed Monza Grand Prix circuit near Milan is remembered for its stonework forming partial circles. And there was perhaps no better place to display a new Maserati Spyder. These photos were taken in at Monza on September 11, 1955 before the Italian Grand Prix. The Maserati was called the 2000cc […]

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Faces in the Crowd

 Today we are walking through the pits before practice at the Monaco Grand Prix which will take place on May 22, 1955. Seen here in his Ferrari 625F1 is the French vigneron and driver Maurice Trintignant. He has been assigned one of four of Ferrari’s older four cylinder cars in which he will compete with the much […]

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The Start at Monaco

Here is one of those classic images from Monaco, this time the start of the Grand Prix there on May 13, 1956. On pole in the shaded area of the main straight is Juan Fangio in a Ferrari-Lancia, with the works Maserati of Stirling Moss next to him and then another Ferrari-Lancia this one driven […]

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At the Nürburgring

Here is Juan Manuel Fangio, leader of the Maserati factory team, in the South Curve on the old Nurburgring circuit. He is driving a six cylinder Maserati A6GCM two liter Formula 2 car at the German Grand Prix on August 2, 1953. Color photographs from early 1950s races are exceedingly rare. Fangio was joined by […]