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Ferrari, Monza, Mike Hawthorn, klemcoll

The Multi-Motor Monza

Mike Hawthorn pulls in during practice at Monza before the Supercortemaggiore 1000km race which would take place on May 29, 1955. Then Supercortemaggiore name gave credit to the gasoline brand provided by AGIP. Hawthorn’s car is a new Ferrari four cylinder sports car of the evoluzione series of the 750 Monza of mid-1955 and Umberto Maglioli […]

Maurice Trintignant, Ferrari, Monaco, klemcoll

Faces in the Crowd

 Today we are walking through the pits before practice at the Monaco Grand Prix which will take place on May 22, 1955. Seen here in his Ferrari 625F1 is the French vigneron and driver Maurice Trintignant. He has been assigned one of four of Ferrari’s older four cylinder cars in which he will compete with the much […]

An Unexpected Victory

This is the French driver Maurice Trintignant taking a well deserved drink immediately after the finish of the May 22, 1955 Monaco Grand Prix, surrounded by his mechanics and other team members. He had just won this important race with his Scuderia Ferrari 625F1 in a totally unexpected outcome. The 625F1 was for all intentions the […]

Fangio Monaco, Mercedes

Fangio at Monaco

For the  Monaco Grand Prix on May 22, 1955 Mercedes-Benz entered three of their new short-chassis W196 F1 cars, to be driven by Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and André Simon. There was plenty of opposition, even though the Mercedes were unquestionably very fast and benefitted from their usual immense support structure. Lancia had replied with four of their […]

Lancia D50, Alberto Ascari, Station Hairpin

The Station Hairpin

This marvelous overhead photograph shows Alberto Ascari turning into Station Hairpin during early morning practice for the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix which would be held on May 22. Ascari is driving the new Lancia D50 2.5 liter grand prix car, a very complex and sophisticated design by Vittorio Jano, the great prewar Alfa Romeo designer. […]

Froilan Gonzalez, Ferrari, Silverstone

Waiting for a Wet Start

It is raining at Silverstone on May 15, 1954 before the start of the first heat of the International Daily Express Trophy race, a non-championship event for F1 cars. This popular race always attracted a large early season entry of both factory cars and privateers. Sitting in his Ferrari 553 “Squalo” is the well-known Argentinean driver […]

Jean Behra, Maserati, Rob Walker, Casablanca, Morocco Grand Prix

A Walk in the Sun

  In the 1950s if there was a new race circuit which wanted an F1 Grand Prix, it first had to host a non-Championship F1 race so that the organizers’ abilities could be assessed. It was a good practice, now no longer observed. In 1957 the Royal Automobile Club of Morocco promoted a non-championship F1 race […]

Spa-Francorchamps, Ferrari

The Grandeur of Spa

Spa-Francorchamps is still one of the most exciting and challenging of all Grand Prix circuits. This image was taken from the old pits which were located in a slight widening of the road itself along the downhill section after the La Source hairpin and where the start/finish was then located. In the distance you can see the […]