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Monaco Grand Prix, Tabac Corner, McLaren, Denis Hulme, klemcoll


We love the dynamics of this photograph. It shows Denny Hulme with his McLaren M7A turning into Tabac Corner during the Monaco Grand Prix on May 26, 1968. Tabac was so called because of a tobacco products store which was once on that corner. The narrow entry to Tabac swung the cars under full acceleration […]

Jack Brabham, Reims, klemcoll, Cooper

An Aussie Victory

This victory celebration, with Jack Brabham in the midst of his mechanics and well-wishers, is taking place in the pit lane of the Reims Grand Prix circuit on July 3, 1960. The pit lane at Reims was then very narrow, as it remains on this ancient circuit today, with no separation from the slightly downhill […]

Antique Automobiles

  Here is the versatile British driver Vic Elford with a McLaren M7B in Tarzan Corner at the old Zandvoort circuit during the Dutch Grand Prix on June 21, 1969. Now what, you might ask, has this to do with Antique Automobiles? Everything. On the side of Elford’s car one may see those words, printed […]

Ferrari, Chaparrel, Brands Hatch, BOAC 500, Phil Hill, Mike Spence

The Wing Car

In the 1960s one of the races for the World Sportscar Championship was held on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit in England, initially in 1966 over a distance of 500 miles, then, as part of the Championship series, for six hours in the later years of the decade. On July 30, 1967 the race was contested mainly by […]

James Hunt, McLaren

James Hunt

Here is a wonderfully evocative photograph of James Hunt in his McLaren M23, taken before the start at the 1976 Austrian Grand Prix at the Õsterreichring. Hunt was on pole with John Watson’s Penske PC4 next to him. Hunt had a golden opportunity to add to his points with Niki Lauda still in hospital following […]

Lauda, Ferrari, Nurburgrung

Niki Lauda

In honor of the excellent new film “Rush,” here is the great Niki Lauda during practice for the 1976 German Grand Prix on the Nürburgring in which he suffered the terrible accident which almost ended his career and his life. This photograph may have been taken before the ditched curve at Schwalbenschwanz. Lauda was driving […]

Niki Lauda – True Courage

Here is a pensive Niki Lauda before his home Austrian Grand Prix on August 12, 1979. Lauda’s face clearly shows the terrible injuries he received in the fiery crash of his Ferrari at the Nürburgring during the German Grand Prix three years before. It was thought at the time that Lauda would not survive, so […]