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Mercedes, Alfred Neubauer, klemcoll, Reims

In the Fields of Reims

Here is that famous team manager of Mercedes-Benz, Alfred Neubauer, on the grid at the public road circuit of Reims-Gueux before the French Grand Prix on July 3, 1938. Naubauer is standing next to the Mercedes W154 which will be driven by Hermann Lang to third place behind his teammates Manfred von Brauchitsch and Rudolf […]

Maserati, Monza, Behra, klemcoll


We are at Monza during practice for the Italian Grand Prix which would be held there on September 11, 1955. Jean Behra sits in a new Maserati 250F with a special low drag body. Note that the tops of the tires are visible front and rear both for tire cooling and to assist in more […]

Mercedes-Benz, stirling moss, aimtree

Moss at Aintree

Stirling Moss is here braking for Cottage Corner, a tight left hand turn on the back of the Aintree Grand Prix circuit, during the British Grand Prix on July 16, 1955. Moss ran together with Juan Manuel Fangio in their Mercedes W196 F1 cars at the front of the field, well ahead of their teammates […]

Ferrari, Nurburgring, klemcoll

Approach to the Südkurve

This was the original Nürburgring at the height of its fame. Here is the start of the German Grand Prix which took place on August 1, 1954. This dramatic image was captured from the grass at the edge of the track a few hundred yards from the grid which was located next to the timing […]

Ferrari, Giovanni Bracco, klemcoll

A Mexican Pit Stop

The red car above is a Ferrari 250 Sport, the only one built. The “1-2-3” on the car is not a car number but sponsorship by a Mexican oil company. This Ferrari first appeared in the 1952 Mille Miglia, driven by Giovanni Bracco with Alfonso Rolfo as his passenger. The 250 Sport was a sort of factory hot […]

Mercedes, Lyon, French Grand Prix

Before the Great War

Now some ancient history for a change. This is a scene from the 1914 Grand Prix de l’A.C.F. (the French Grand Prix) which was run on July 4, 1914 for 20 laps over a 23.4 mile triangular circuit on public roads lying north of the city of Lyon. This was the last major race before the First World War. Seen […]

Fangio Monaco, Mercedes

Fangio at Monaco

For the  Monaco Grand Prix on May 22, 1955 Mercedes-Benz entered three of their new short-chassis W196 F1 cars, to be driven by Juan Manuel Fangio, Stirling Moss and André Simon. There was plenty of opposition, even though the Mercedes were unquestionably very fast and benefitted from their usual immense support structure. Lancia had replied with four of their […]

Mercedes, Le Mans

Braking for the Esses

Two Mercedes-Benz 300SLRs on the descent from Dunlop Bridge toward the Esses at Le Mans on the afternoon of June 11, 1955 in front of a huge crowd of spectators. The two Mercedes have their air brakes up to assist their braking with portholes cut in the raised bodywork for better rearward vision at the […]

Auto Union, Bernd Rosemeyer, Donington

An Afternoon in Holly Wood

This is a truly classic and historic image as Bernd Rosemeyer drives his Auto Union through the picturesque Holly Wood section of the prewar Donington circuit during the Donington Grand Prix on October 2, 1937. Like certain other Klemantaski photographs, it was shot contre jour with the sunlight behind the car, thereby  giving a unique […]

Lancia, Ferrari, Monza

Lunchtime at Monza

In this wonderful photographic composition it is time for lunch in the Monza paddock during practice for the 1955 Italian Grand Prix. The Ferrari mechanics are sitting on two of the Lancia D50s which had been turned over to Ferrari on July 26th with the closing of the Lancia F1 effort and the sale of the company. […]