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Testing the Sharknose

It is early March 1961 and Ferrari is holding a test of their new rear-engined 156F1 at the Modena Aerautodromo. Here in the pits is the new car with its 65° 1.5 liter Dino V6. It seemed a far more aggressive shape than the ungainly-looking prototype which had appeared with the 246F1 motor in 1960. […]

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The Most Beautiful Ferrari ?

In the early 1960s an American named Tom Meade arrived in Modena on a motorcycle with no money in his pockets. But he was a great car enthusiast and soon he had acquired an old Maserati racing car for a few hundred dollars. Before too long, Meade had established himself in Modena’s car world, supporting himself […]

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The New Ferrari 500TRC

Here lined up in front of the pits before the start of the 1957 Le Mans 24 Hours is one of the new Ferrari 500TRCs which were 1957’s offering by Maranello for the two liter racing class. These lovely and lithe-looking cars were, in mechanical terms, a continuation of Ferrari’s preceding two liter car, the 500TR, using […]

Hans Tanner, Ferrari, Monaco

Hans Tanner – Ferrari Historian

The somewhat mysterious gentleman with the dark glasses standing at the Monaco Grand Prix in 1960 is non other than Hans Tanner. Who was Hans Tanner you might ask? Hans Tanner was a somewhat mysterious Swiss, born in 1927, who came to light and fame as an automotive historian, quasi-journalist and “fixer” through his various […]