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The Prince of Siam

There are almost no color photographs from the early postwar years. No magazine would publish them and the very slow film speeds made “freezing” a moving car very difficult unless the photographer was a true expert at his craft. But here is a good one of this rara avis, taken at the British Grand Prix […]

The Celebrity Race

This is a lovely late spring day at Silverstone with the sky details beautifully caught by Tom March’s camera. Note also the crowd sitting on the grass along Hangar Straight with absolutely no protection from an errant racing car. This was the May 10, 1952 International Daily Express Trophy Meeting at Silverstone where there was […]

A BMW Foray

On September 4, 1937 the famous RAC Tourist Trophy race for cars (there was also a Tourist Trophy for motorcycles) was held at Donington Park in Leicestershire, England. The “TT,” as it has always been informally called, was first run in 1905 back in the dawn of automobile racing and continues to this day which […]

Bira, Maserati, klemcoll

The Siamese Prince

Here is Prince B. Bira of Siam with his Maserati 4CL in its Siamese colors at the Jersey International Road Race which took place on the Channel island of Jersey on May 8,1947. After the War, racing on public roads was forbidden in England. However, that law did not apply to places such as Northern […]

Prince Bira, ERA, Crystal Palace

The Siamese Prince

Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh (to give his full name as a scion of the Siamese royal family) raced from the mid-1930s until the mid-1950s, but was usually entered simply as “B. Bira.” Bira was supported by his cousin Prince Chula who had been appointed Bira’s guardian after the deaths of Bira’s parents before he reached his […]

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Three Guys and a Cisitalia

This lovely little voiturette is a Cisitalia D46 which will be driven by Harry Schell, sitting at the wheel, in the Grand Prix des Frontières which was held on the Chimay public road circuit in Belgium on May 25, 1947. At the left, leaning over to speak with Schell is Prince Bira who will drive his Maserati 4CL while […]

In Siam’s Colors

Racing on public roads has been outlawed in England for many years. Given the lack of purpose-built racing circuits in the immediate postwar years, racers found opportunities outside of the English ban at places such as Dundrod in Northern Ireland and the Manx circuit at Douglas on the Isle of Man. Another location for racing was a […]

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Villoresi and Ascari at Silverstone

  We are on the starting grid at Silverstone for the second heat of the Daily Express International Trophy on August 20, 1949. Grids were far more relaxed in those days. In this Ferrari 125/F1 is Luigi Villoresi while his teammate Alberto Ascari stands just to his left next to the car. The Trophy was […]

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The Little Blue Car

This interesting photograph was taken in the paddock behind the pits at the old Reims Grand Prix circuit on July 6, 1947 prior to a “voiturette” race for smaller displacement open wheel cars which was called the Coupe des Petites Cylindrées. This was a support race before the Grand Prix de Reims, an event for Grand Prix cars which […]

Prince Bira, Maserati, Chimay

Prince Bira at Chimay

Chimay is a small town in Belgium, due south of Brussels and very close to the French border. Beginning in 1926 a race was held on public roads surrounding Chimay and included the above corner, known as La Bouchère, right in the middle of the village. Given the nearby border, the race was known as […]