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BRM, Folkingham, Raymond Mays, klemcoll

First Time Out

It is a wintry day on Thursday, December 15, 1949 at Folkingham Aerodrome in England for the presentation of the first BRM V16  supercharged 1.5 liter Grand Prix car which has been under construction and development since 1945. Folkingham was a former RAF field which had been closed in 1947 and where BRM was permitted […]

BRM, Goodwood, Reg Parnell, klemcoll, Froilan Gonzalez, Raymond Mays, Alan R. Smith

A Most Rare Victory

BRM has won! Their three cars entered have finished first, second and third in this “Daily Graphic” Formula Libre Goodwood Trophy fifteen lap race at Goodwood on September 27, 1952. Standing on the left side of the photo is the rotund Froilán González, driver of the winning n. 5 BRM, while his teammate and second […]

Prince Bira, ERA, Crystal Palace

The Siamese Prince

Prince Birabongse Bhanudej Bhanubandh (to give his full name as a scion of the Siamese royal family) raced from the mid-1930s until the mid-1950s, but was usually entered simply as “B. Bira.” Bira was supported by his cousin Prince Chula who had been appointed Bira’s guardian after the deaths of Bira’s parents before he reached his […]

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Pit Stop at Albi

The city of Albi is located about 40 miles to the northeast of Toulouse in the Tarn region, part of the southwestern quarter of France. For many years races were held near Albi on an open road circuit, lined with trees, called the Circuit des Planques, a triangular high speed course of about 5.5 miles in length. In […]

Raymond Mays, ERA, BRM

Raymond Mays

Raymond Mays here sits in his ERA at Prescott Hill-climb on May 19, 1946. Mays was an accomplished driver both pre- and postwar and a very unique individual. Mays came from a prosperous wool business family from Bourne, Lincolnshire, a home which would have much to do with his subsequent motorsports career. As a youngster […]