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Bubble Top

This is a Ferrari 312P at the Sebring Hairpin on March 21, 1970 during the 12 Hour race. Driven by Mike Parkes and Chuck Parsons, it would finish sixth overall and fourth in the three liter sports class. This 312P had first appeared at the 1969 Le Mans race where it lasted only part of […]

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The Big Four

Here is Italian star Eugenio Castellotti with the new Ferrari 860 Monza which he shared with Juan Fangio on the circuit of bumpy runways and narrow access roads of Hendricks Field at Sebring on March 24, 1956. This car had a new chassis design which it would share with the V12 Ferrari 290MM. The 860 […]

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Denise McCluggage 1927-2015

Our dear friend Denise McCluggage has passed away at the age of 88 in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here she is in her last of a number of races at Sebring in a Ferrari 275GTS/4. Known for her polka dot decorated helmet, Denise had a successful career in international racing during years when women drivers […]

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The Ferrari and The Girls…

For the 1967 Sebring 12 Hours Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing Team arranged the entry of a new yellow alloy-bodied Ferrari 275GTS/4 “NART Spyder” – a standard road car, although only 10 were built of which this was the first. Because it was a standard car without any special preparation for racing and because the drivers were to be a […]