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Lancia at Valentino

On May 27, 1955 a non-Championship F1 race was held in the old¬†Parco del Valentino in Turin. Lancia was there in force and here is the team relaxing before practice: on the left is Luigi Villoresi, next to him is team leader Alberto Ascari with the young lion Eugenio Castellotti listening carefully. Seated on the […]

Lancia, Monaco Grand Prix, Ascari, Castellotti

The Lancia D50 Grand Prix Car

Grand Prix photographs in color from the 1950s are comparatively rare, primarily because most magazine and other publishers would not print color at that time. In this image the factory Lancia team cars are shown lined up in the pits during practice for the 1955 Monaco Grand Prix which would take place on May 22nd. […]