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Ascari, Villoresi, Castellotti, Jano, klemcoll

Lancia at Valentino

On May 27, 1955 a non-Championship F1 race was held in the old Parco del Valentino in Turin. Lancia was there in force and here is the team relaxing before practice: on the left is Luigi Villoresi, next to him is team leader Alberto Ascari with the young lion Eugenio Castellotti listening carefully. Seated on the […]

Alfa Romeo, K. D. Evans, Brooklands

An Alfa in British Racing Green

Some might think this photo was taken at Donington, but it is in fact at Brooklands during the Junior Car Club’s J.C.C. International Trophy on May 6, 1939. This is Kenneth Douglas Evans, who usually entered as K. D. Evans, driving his supercharged 3 liter Alfa Romeo P3 Grand Prix car, painted in British Racing […]

Lancia D50, Penya Rhin GP, Ascari

The Lancia D50

This marvelous overhead photograph clearly shows the layout of the new Lancia D50 Grand Prix car at its inaugural race appearance at the Spanish Grand Prix, the last race of the season, held on the Pedralbes city circuit in Barcelona on October 24, 1954. The 1954 Spanish Grand Prix is sometimes confused with the Penya Rhin […]

Medaro Fantuzzi, Vittorio Jano, Ferrari, Alfa Romeo

Two Leaders of Italian Design

During a Ferrari test session at the Modena Aerautodromo on July 31, 1962 stand two famous pillars of Italian automotive design. On the left is Medaro Fantuzzi who became the design interpreter and body builder of Ferrari sports racing and grand prix cars during the 1960s, while next to him wearing a hat is perhaps the greatest […]