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Early Morning in Brescia

It is about 5 AM on May 12, 1957 along the Viale Rebuffone, a wide street bordering a park in Brescia in northern Italy on which was placed the starting ramp for the Mille Miglia. The last cars to start are waiting in line to ascend the ramp, their race numbers showing their starting times. The Ferrari in […]

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The New Ferrari 500TRC

Here lined up in front of the pits before the start of the 1957 Le Mans 24 Hours is one of the new Ferrari 500TRCs which were 1957’s offering by Maranello for the two liter racing class. These lovely and lithe-looking cars were, in mechanical terms, a continuation of Ferrari’s preceding two liter car, the 500TR, using […]

Alfa Romeo, Achille Varzi, GP des Nations

Le Grand Prix des Nations

  Here is the famous prewar Italian driver Achille Varzi at the wheel of an Alfa Romeo 158 during the 1946 Grand Prix des Nations at the Geneva street circuit. This was one of the initial Grand Prix races after World War II. Varzi’s 158 was the more powerful variant with twin-stage supercharging and over […]

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The Start of A Racing Career

Speed trials, which were time trials usually held on private estate roads, were common in England in the prewar years and again flourished postwar before club level racing got restarted in a major way. They gave owners of sports cars and older racing cars a way of getting back in competition again. These were rather informal […]

Hermann Lang, Mercedes 154, Reims

Before the Start

  This is Hermann Lang about to climb aboard his Mercedes-Benz 154 Grand Prix car on the starting grid at the French Grand Prix on the Reims circuit on July 3, 1938. Behind Lang is Christian Kautz waiting in his Auto Union which will crash in Gueux village on the first lap. This is one of […]

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The Wing Car

In the 1960s one of the races for the World Sportscar Championship was held on the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit in England, initially in 1966 over a distance of 500 miles, then, as part of the Championship series, for six hours in the later years of the decade. On July 30, 1967 the race was contested mainly by […]

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La Piazza Vittoria

The beginning of a great adventure: before the start of the Mille Miglia, all the competing cars and their drivers had to check in with the organizers at the Piazza della Vittoria in the center of Brescia to show their documents and licenses for inspection. Here a line of cars, mostly Maseratis in the highly competitive […]

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An Italian Pit Stop

Here is one of those frenetic Ferrari pit stops. This is at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on July 14, 1956. The car is a Lancia-Ferrari, actually one of the 1955 Lancia D50 Grand Prix cars which were turned over to Ferrari in the summer of that year when Lancia was no longer able […]

Salute to Victory

In this dynamic image Jim Clark crosses the finish line receiving the checker from a somewhat acrobatic marshall and gets a joyous salute from Lotus owner and team manager Colin Chapman. This was at the 1965 French Grand Prix which took place on June 27th over 40 laps of the Charade circuit near Clermont-Ferrand, the home […]

A Bittersweet Victory

Hockenheim, 1982. Patrick Tambay, a very recent addition to the Ferrari team, waves the  French tricouleur from the podium but this was a very bittersweet victory. And none of the drivers look really happy: not Tambay, not René Arnoux, the second place driver who drove a Renault RE30, to Tambay’s right, nor Keke Rosberg, who drove a […]