Lancia, Le Mans, klemcoll

Here braking for Arnage Corner at Le Mans is one of the very fast Lancia LC2s that ran at Le Mans on June 16-17, 1984. This is Lancia number 4 which was driven by Alessandro Nannini and Bob Wollek, running with Martini colors in Group C. The Lancia LC2 used a V8 Ferrari motor derived […]

Ferrari, Le Mans, klemcoll

This is the story of one of those Ferrari mysteries that lasted for years. This photo is of the Ferrari 250P which would win the June 15-16, 1963 Le Mans 24 hour race taken as the car exits Mulsanne Corner. The Ferrari was driven by Lorenzo Bandini and Ludovico Scarfiotti. For years this Le Mans […]

Ferrari, Umberto Maglioli, klemcoll

This notable scenic image is from the July 17, 1955 Aosta-Gran San Bernardo hillclimb showing  winner Umberto Maglioli in a factory-entered 3 liter Ferrari 750 Monza. The Aosta to Gran San Bernardo route ran for just over 21 miles in the Italian alps from the town of Aosta in the Aosta valley up to the […]

Willy Mairesse, klemcoll, Ferrari,Spa-Francorchamps, La Course

Here is a superb portrait photo of Willy Mairesse in a Ferrari 156F1 as he turns into the La Source hairpin at Spa-Francorchamps during the Belgian Grand Prix on June 17, 1962. Spa was the home circuit for Mairesse who combined his talent at the top level of F1 racing with the almost limitless bravery that […]

Ferrari, Mille Miglia, klemcoll

Today we offer two famous images from the 1957 Mille Miglia. On the left is a photo over the passenger’s side of a Ferrari 335 Sport on the drive from Maranello to Brescia for the scrutineering which always took place in the Piazza Vittoria in Brescia before the start of the Mille Miglia. This Ferrari […]

Toulo De Graffenried, Maserati, klemcoll, Silverstone

Here is Swiss Baron Emmanuel de Graffenried, known affectionally as “Toulo,” in his Maserati 4CLT/48, managed for him by Scuderia Enrico Platé, before the start of the Daily Express International Trophy at Silverstone on August 20, 1949. Toulo de Graffenried was a very talented amateur driver who had undertaken a Grand Prix racing career in […]

Ferrari, Tazio Nuvolari, Franco Cortese, klemcoll

Here is the front of the starting grid for the Circuito di Parma which was typical of the Italian city street races, this one in Parma, during the immediate postwar years. In the front row are two significant cars, both Ferrari prototypes, getting an early taste of competition. In what was probably pole position on the […]

Ferrari, Silverstone, Richard Attwood, klemcoll

In October 1963 at the Paris Auto Show Ferrari introduced what they thought would be a new GT car to take over after the successful career of the 250 GTO. The result was the 250 LM, a rear-engined berlinetta very mechanically similar to the then current Ferrari prototype racer the 250P and its immediate successor […]

Ferrari, Le Mans, klemcoll, Wolfgang von Trips

The Le Mans Test Day in 1961 occurred on April 9. Ferrari wanted to see how their new Testa Rossa 250TRI/61 would do at Le Mans so they sent Wolfgang von Trips, seen here, to carry out the assignment. As can be seen it was evidently a rough day for the car, at both ends. […]

Stirling Moss, Swiss GP, klemcoll, HWM

Here is a young Stirling Moss about to go out to practice in his first World Championship F1 race, the Swiss Grand Prix which took place on the dangerous Bremgarten circuit at Berne on May 27, 1951. Moss is in one of John Heath’s F2 HWMs which were powered by the two liter four cylinder […]