Maserati, klemcoll

With racing on public roads in England prohibited British drivers found other opportunities not far from home. One such was held in the town of St. Hilier on the Channel Island of Jersey. The race was organized by the old Junior Car Club, originally active at Brooklands, but that venue was no longer available. The […]

Ferrari, Maserati, klemcoll

Here is the grid for the Grand Prix field for the Lake Garda race at the town of Salò not far north from Brescia which took place on October 24, 1948. It was the first such race at Garda since 1927. On pole in car n. 6, a supercharged Ferrari 125C, is Giuseppe “Nino” Farina […]

Alfa Romeo, Silverstone. Nino Farina, klemcoll

Dr. Giuseppe “Nino” Farina shows off his classic relaxed style with his arms reaching out to his steering wheel as he leads the British Grand Prix at Silverstone on  May 13, 1950. This was the first race of the newly created World Championship for Drivers which would be won by Farina. Alfa Corse had entered […]

Aston Martin, Le Mans, klemcoll

Members of the Aston Martin team gather next to a somewhat experimental DB3 coupé which will be driven by Reg Parnell and Eric Thompson at Le Mans starting on June 14, 1952. This is actually a DB3 roadster which has been fitted with a hardtop in an attempt to make it more streamlined with a […]


We are at Le Mans on June 22, 1957. Here is the Maserati 450S berlinetta at speed on the early part of the Mulsanne straight with Stirling Moss at the wheel. The berlinetta was the brainchild of Moss who was always looking for an edge. He convinced Maserati to modify one the the 450S team […]

Ferrari, klemcoll, Le Mans

In early 1954 Briggs Cunningham took delivery of a new Ferrari 375MM spyder with Pininfarina bodywork. Cunningham entered his new Ferrari at the Sebring12 Hours race, driven by John Fitch and Phil Walters. Fitch was already a well-known American driver as was Walters who had raced midgets for several years under the pseudonym of Ted […]

Juan Fangio, BRM, Goodwood, klemcoll

a On the grid before the start of the Woodcote Cup Formula Libre race at Goodwood on September 26, 1953 are Juan Fangio and Mike Hawthorn, the latter with his dark green jacket and white top face shield.  Fangio would be driving one of the two supercharged BRM 15s entered for this five lap preliminary […]

Maserati, Nuvolari, klemcoll

Today we are showing you a series of images of the great prewar driver Tazio Nuvolari during the Grand Prix des Nations in Geneva on July 21, 1946. The Geneva city street circuit was approximately 1.9 miles in length and the race was held in two 32-lap heats and a 44-lap final. Although not the […]

Ferrari, klemcoll, Monaco Grand Prix

The Ferrari team has arrived for the 1957 Monaco Grand prix which will take place on May 19th. Here several Ferrari mechanics are unloading one of the Scuderia Ferrari entries. This Ferrari is called a type 801 and was a development of the Lancia D50s which were given to Ferrari in mid-1955 after Lancia withdrew […]

Maserati, klemcoll

We now would like to show you a series of rare photographs of the first 1957 appearance of the Maserati 450S which was at the Buenos Aires 1000km race which took place on January 20, 1957. The Buemos Aires street circuit was called the Circuit de la Costanera Norte. The Maserati 450S was described as […]