Monza, Klemcoll, Enzo Ferrari, Battista Pininfarina

On April 27, 1960 members of the Ferrari team gathered at Monza for a test of their F1 and sports cars. A special guest attended the test being Battista Pinin Farina who was welcomed by Enzo Ferrari. Farina, who would officially change his last name to Pininfarina a year later, had been a close collaborator […]

Ferrari, Le Mans, klemcoll

Three Ferrari 250 Testa Rossas exit from Mulsanne Corner early in the Le Mans 24 Hours on June 25-26, 1960. These were all three works entered or supported entries. Leadings this group is a Scuderia Ferrari 250TR60 being driven by Wolfgang von Trips who is to share his car with Phil Hill. Following closely is […]

Railton, Brooklands, klemcoll

In front of the famous Thomson & Taylor showroom at Brooklands in April 1938  stands the equally famous Railton Special, here with its wheel tops exposed. Created by Reid Railton to attack the land speed record, the Special was powered by a pair of Napire Lion W12 engines. In his description of the Special in his […]

Ferrari, Nurburgring, klemcoll, Ascari, Farina

We are at the fueling point behind the pits at the famous Nürburgring on August 29, 1953 before practice for the next day’s 1000 Km. race. The car is a Ferrari 375MM with a 4.5 liter V12 motor and the latest Vignale spyder bodywork. It will be driven for Scuderia Ferrari by two of their […]

Bob Bondurant, Richie Ginther, Monaco, klemcoll

NOTE: A watchful friend has correctly pointed out that although the text below correct for 1967, the photo above was taken in 1964. This resulted from a long ago mislabeling of the image in our files. Even so, it is a nice photo. In 1964 Ginther and Graham Hill were both driving for BRM and […]

Before the Le Mans 24 Hours which will take place on June 12-13, 1954 this Scuderia Ferrari 375 Plus, carrying Ferrari’s latest 4.9 liter V12, sits in the pits waiting for the start. The long and well marked stick lying across the aluminum tonneau cover probably was used to determine the level of fuel in […]

Hockenheimring, klemcoll, checkered flag

This photograph was taken at the unusual ending of the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim on July 26, 1987. It had been a truly unpredictable race in that it was unsure until the very end that any of the 26 starters would actually finish. This was at the height of the competition between the 1.5 […]

Phil Hill, Monaco, Ferrari, klemcoll

Here is Phil Hill at the Monaco Grand Prix on May 14, 1961 charging up the Ste. Devote hill toward Casino Square. At this race Klemantaski was experimenting with what was then called a Press Camera which he had modified to use 120 size film as used in his Rollei. This type of camera could […]

Ferrari, Monza klemcoll

This looks like an unhappy situation to say the least. It happened at Monza during practice before the Grand Prix Supercortemaggiore which would take place  on June 27, 1954. This was a 1000Km. race on the Monza road circuit for up to 3 liter sports cars, sponsored by the Supercortemaggiore fuel company. The fire was […]

Ferrari, Le Mans, klemcoll

Here is a photograph that seems to scream where it was taken: at Le Mans during the 24 hour race on June 9-10, 1973. Here are two Ferrari 365GTB/4s running in the 5 liter GT class next to a works-entered Ligier JS2-Maserati. The leading Ferrari in the center is from Luigi Chinetti’s North American Racing […]