Ferrari in Monaco

Ferrari, klemcoll, Monaco Grand Prix

The Ferrari team has arrived for the 1957 Monaco Grand prix which will take place on May 19th. Here several Ferrari mechanics are unloading one of the Scuderia Ferrari entries. This Ferrari is called a type 801 and was a development of the Lancia D50s which were given to Ferrari in mid-1955 after Lancia withdrew from racing. The 801 no longer had the side sponsons between the front and rear wheels in which the Lancia’s designer Vittorio Jane had located the fuel tanks so as to centralize the D50’s weight. Ferrari had gone back to its more classic tail location for the car’s fuel load and eventually removed the sponsons.

For Monaco, Ferrari had entered three of the 801s and one Ferrari-Lancia D50, probably in 1956 specification, which still had its sponsons.. Watching over the mechanics’ activities is Girolamo “Mino” Amorotti, in the cap, bow tie and white shirt, who was an informal Ferrari team manager at the races. Informal in the sense that he was unpaid nd would sometimes tell Enzo Ferrari “You cannot fire me because I do not work for you.” This 801 will probably be the one for Maurice Trintignant who will finish fifth in the Grand Prix after the one driven by Wolfgang von Trips retired late in the race with engine failure while two other Ferrari entries, driven by Mike Hawthorn and Peter Collins had ended up crashed at the exit of the Chicane.

Photo by Edward Eves ©The Klemantaski Collection –

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